Why I Love My 4theloveofPi Teacher Planner

It is that time of year…time to find the perfect teacher planner for back to school! This year, I have decided to go with a 4thelovePi teacher planner. Here are all of the reasons why I love it!

The way that the paper feels in a planner is something that I immediately notice (I know, most people don’t mind this). For me, I love to use markers, crayons, colored pencils, and pens to fill in my planner. Because of this, I don’t want the pages to bleed through.

The 4theloveofPi planner has super sturdy pages, and they are very high quality; The planner’s pages are nice and smooth- the kind of smooth where you will want to run your hand over them several times.

4theloveofPi Layout

The 4theloveofPi planner is extremely customizable. You can get it created to meet all of your needs. There are layouts for only one subject all the way to EIGHT! You can also get the subjects pre-printed onto your planner (which is AMAZING). Another GAME CHANGER about the 4theloveofPi planner is the fact that it has the weekends included. I love that I can use one planner for work and personal life, it keeps me super organized.

Supporting Small Business

Something that has become more important to me over the years is supporting small and local businesses, if you buy a 4theloveofPi planner, you will be supporting an amazing small business, which is an amazing plus as well.


If you buy a 4theloveofPi planner, you are looking at a starting price of $60. You do have a lot of customizable options with this price. You also get basically any teacher page you could ever imagine needing. Click this link to see what is included. You can also purchase some planner stickers and accessories just for fun! Click here to see some of my favorite planner accessories. This price is very comparable to other teacher planners on the market!


Included in the basic (no add ons) 4theloveofPi planner, you will get:

  • 2020/2021 Year at a Glance Tracking (2-page spread)
  • 2020/2021 Fillable boxes Year at a Glance (2-page spread)
  • Dated monthly, weekly spreads
  • Student Birthdays
  • 1 Goals page
  • 2 Class Schedules
  • 2 Event and Trip Pages
  • 4 Conference Schedule Pages
  • 2 Professional Development Pages
  • 2 Teacher Expenses Pages
  • Pacing Guides
  • Contact List and Parent Communication Pages
  • Volunteer Pages
  • Student Health Log pages
  • Student Accommodation Pages
  • Student Data Tracking Logs
  • Seating Plans
  • Customizable Checklists/Grading Pages
  • Bullet Journal Style Pages
  • Lined Notes Pages
  • Easy Grader

Overall, the 4theloveofPi planner is a great investment to keep you organized during the school year.

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