51 Engaging Classroom Call-Backs to Use With Your Students

Classroom callbacks are a fantastic way to get the attention of your students while keeping them engaged. I use different classroom callbacks for different parts of the day. I tell my students that I like to keep them guessing, so they always need to be listening closely.

The first week of school, I introduce 1-2 class call-backs, and as the year goes on, I slowly introduce more and more. I create these posters as a visual reminder for my students. They are posters with some of my favorite call-backs, and they are so fun!

  1. All set- you bet!
  2. Shark bait- ooooh ha ha!
  3. Look at the way that I- listen close.
  4. Are you ready? – we’re ready!
  5. Paw Patrol- to the lookout! (Paw Patrol)
  6. Ready to rock? – ready to roll!
  7. STOP! – collaborate and listen.
  8. Class, class- Yes, yes
  9. Class- Yes
  10. Peanut Butter- Jelly!
  11. DAB- ing (students say ‘ing’ as they do the dab)
  12. Are you ready kids? Aye, aye captain.
  13. Scooby dooby doo- where are you? (Scooby Doo)
  14. Hakuna- matata
  15. To infinity- and beyond
  16. One, two, three, eyes on me- one, two, eyes on you
  17. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? -sponge bob square pants
  18. The volume inside of this room- is astronomical (Tik Tok trend)
  19. Why don’t you- say so? (Doja Cat song from Tik Tok)
  20. Holy moly- guacamole!
  21. Hocus pocus- everybody focus.
  22. Hands on top- that means stop.
  23. Chicka, chicka- boom boom.
  24. Quiet on the set- action!
  25. Ready to listen- ready to learn.
  26. Tootsie roll, lollipop – we’ve been talking, now let’s stop!
  27. All on board- aye aye captain.
  28. Neato- mosquito!
  29. Yabba dabba- dooo.
  30. Waterfall- shhhhh.
  31. Hot fudge, sundae – banana split.
  32. B- ananas.
  33. Who’s ready to learn? – I’m ready to learn
  34. EVERBODY- freeze.
  35. Can I get a (whole class says and does) DAB DAB?
  36. WHO’S READY? – we’re ready.
  37. Aaaaaaaaaa-choooooooo.
  38. Hands on your head-and freeze.
  39. I AM- proud, ready, and listening.
  40. Hot fudge- sundae.
  42. Guaca-mole.
  43. Are you ready kids? – Aye, aye, captain. (Spongebob)
  44. Ferb- I know what we’re going to do to day! (Phineas and Ferb)
  45. Give it your all- give it my all!
  46. The sun is shining bright- we’re feeling alright.
  47. Ready, set,-LET’S DO IT!
  48. The cold never bothered me- anyway. (Frozen)
  49. Dinosaur-overboard! (Toy Story)
  50. Think-Positive (Inside Out)
  51. We are- FAMILY.

Are there other class call-backs you love to use? E-mail them to me at teachtolovelearning@gmail.com so I can add them to the list! You can also grab some FREE classroom call-back posters here.

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