About Me

I’m seriously so happy you’re here! Want to become real-life friends? Let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

Hi, I’m Jessica, the face behind Teach to Love Learning! As you can guess by the name, I believe that teachers who love teaching teach students who love learning. So, what can make teaching more fun?! Amazing, low-prep resources created with you in mind. 

I’ve taught a bit of everything… math, science, ELA, reading, writing, and even social-emotional learning + character development. When I was searching for resources to use in my classroom, I struggled to find low-prep resources that made me excited. New systems, games, decorations, slides… things that my students would love and I would love too. So, here we are! 

After many years of creating resources, somehow… we’ve ended up here, becoming internet besties as you read my bio! Let’s turn this into a real, life friendship?! What do you say.