Creative Ways to Use Bitmoji in the Classroom

BITMOJI are the BEST! I think I am a little bit (a lot a bit) obsessed with them. I have so much fun matching my Bitmoji to my current hair, outfits, and other looks. Keep reading to find out all of the fun ways I incorporate Bitmoji into my elementary classroom.

Class Call-Back Posters

At the beginning of the school year, part of my classroom routines and procedures are learning our class- callbacks. Ya know, the ways I can quickly get my student’s attention. Those first few weeks of school, I introduce a lot to my students, so I love to include visuals whenever possible. (Plus, if you get a new student mid-year, it is helpful for them to know the expectations.)

As part of my back to school prep, I customize these posters. Then, I just find a spot on the wall for them to live throughout the school year. I try to find a spot that is easy for me to reference them if I need to. Click here for customizable Class Call-Back Posters!

Anchor Charts

My goal for creating anchor charts is functionality- I want my students to be able to use them as a reference time and time again. In order to work as a functional reminder for my students, I need to include visuals. For all lessons, but especially SEL lessons, Bitmoji are just the visual I need. You can easily copy and paste them onto a blank Word or Google Docs document and just print out what you need.

This anchor chart has been hanging in my classroom for two years now; it will forever rank as one of my favorites.

Daily Slides

A technique I use to stay organized throughout the school day are daily slides. There is SO much happening in my brain, that I tend to forget what I need to do. At the beginning of each week, I will put together a weekly slides document that covers everything I need to make sure I cover each day. As the week goes on, I will edit and adapt as necessary. Last Summer, I thought a fun way to change things up would be to incorporate…you guessed it… Bitmoji into my daily slides. These are SO FUN and the students LOVE them.

Click here for Daily Slides!

Click here for Bitmoji Slides bundle.

Decorative Posters

In my classroom, I hang up posters as reminders of rules and expectations (because, like I said before, visuals all day every day). Why not incorporate your Bitmoji into your posters for a little added fun?

Reward Coupons

As you get to know me, you will hear a lot about my different classroom management strategies and routines. I am a firm believer that students need to be recognized for the good they do, whether they are the kid doing the right thing all of the time, or maybe you can only pick out a few things just once or twice a day. (You can read more about my classroom management strategies here.)

BUT! With all of those routines, procedures, and games comes the need for reinforcement. That teacher budget is REAL, so I incorporate free prizes whenever possible, hence these Bitmoji classroom reward coupons. These coupons are 1) super cute 2) functional 3) easy to prep. You can download these class reward coupons here! I prep them at the beginning of the year on cardstock, and I am good to go all year long.

Flat Teacher

With distance learning, the idea of sending around a “flat teacher” has surfaced, and I am ALL ABOUT IT! The cutest idea for elementary schoolers; You print out and laminate your Bitmoji and send home with students for them to take photos of themselves with. When I sent mine out, I also sent home a letter to the students and families explaining what it was, as well as a BINGO board filled with some activities to do. You can do the same with this resource!

Bulletin Boards

Of course, we can’t forget about making Bitmoji themed bulletin boards. This year, my team created a Bitmoji themed back to school bulletin board titled “Brought to you by TEAMoji” I mean…how cute is that? We all printed our Bitmoji poster size, put that up as well an All About Me page, and then letters that said, “Brought to you by TEAMoji.” For their privacy, I am not going to post the whole bulletin board, but, here is the corner with my Bitmoji on it.

First Day Expectations

We all know how important it is to use your first few days (months) to cover your routines, procedures, and expectations for your classroom. Another “teacher prep activity” I do over the Summer is creating my first-day slides, which include expectations, as well as opportunities to practice those expectations. In order to keep student engagement high, I will use these Bitmoji slides to share those first-day classroom expectations.

Bitmoji Scavenger Hunt

Last but not least, (I think I saved the best for last), I will try and hide my Bitmoji in assignments that students work on, on my slides, really anywhere. It is purely just for fun, but the kids (and I) love it. I really try to get them to blend into different activities, images, etc. which I find hilarious. Definitely something to try if you haven’t before.

And, there ya have it! You can have yourself a Bitmoji-filled classroom in no time. If you try any of these ideas, I would love for you to tag me on social media @teachtolovelearning.