How to Check-In With Your Students During Distance Learning

Distance learning has been a whole new challenge for teachers all over the world. The struggle between safety and the desire to be with our students has added an extra layer to our responsibilities. It still remains an important aspect of my relationship building with students to check-in with how they are feeling, where are their emotions currently, and how can I support them.

Now, more than ever, we have to find creative ways to check in with our students since we don’t have time for long face-to-face interactions with them each day.

Some of my favorite tips and tricks for checking in with students using technology are:

1. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is an AMAZING platform that allows students to submit videos to you OR to your entire class. You can change the settings to moderate the videos before they are posted, make them completely private, or have posts go immediately to a class discussion board.

2. Google Forms

Google forms has been such a game changer for me during distance learning. They are so easy to use, and so customizable! Here are some of my favorite ‘social-emotional check-ins’. And these are some super easy to use emotion check-ins.

3. Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a google slides Add-On that has CHANGED the game for me with my virtual lessons. It allows you to make your slides interactive, which is a perfect way to boost engagement, and have a quick response from all of your kiddos. It is free and easy to use!

4. Morning Meetings

ALWAYS, always, always make time for morning meeting. Morning meeting should be a time to check in with your students, see where they are emotionally, and create a strong classroom community. It can also be used to focus on social-emotional learning skills and lessons. I use these slides to guide me through my virtual and in-person morning meetings.

5. Thumbs Up Check-In

The great part about virtual meetings are that we can still see our student’s faces. Sometimes, I’ll just ask my students for a thumbs up, thumbs middle, thumbs down to see how they are feeling emotionally, or even about a particular topic we are learning about.

Regardless of how you choose to check-in with your students, there are so many amazing options. Choose the best platform for you, and keep on rocking and rolling- YOU GOT THIS!

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