How to ROCK a Demo Lesson for Your Teaching Interview

Demo Lesson for Teacher Interview

So you are all ready to go for your teacher interview, and they tell you that you will need to prepare a demo lesson for your teacher interview. Where do you start? What should you teach? Keep on reading, and I will talk you through how to master that demo lesson for your teaching interview!

Teacher Interview Demo Lesson

When you are choosing a lesson to teach for your demo lesson, you want to consider a few things. What type of time constraint did they give you? AND did they ask you to go through a complete lesson in that amount of time, or only a portion of a lesson?

If they ask you to go through a complete lesson, you want to choose something you are very familiar with teaching. (This is not the time to try something you have never done before.) Then, you are going to want to familiarize yourself with the explicit instruction model. Explicit instruction is the I do, We do, You do model of teaching. In order to complete a lesson, you want to make sure you teach something directly, you practice it with your students, and then you provide some type of independent practice.

You can learn more about what explicit instruction is here. But, basically, you want to focus on modeling the concept for your class. Then, practice it with them, and ending your lesson with independent practice. During your demo lesson, your goal is to get through the ‘I do’ and ‘We do’ and end by telling the people in your interview what you would have students doing for the ‘You do’.

Questions to Ask About My Demo Lesson

  • How long will I have to present my lesson?
  • What materials will be provided to me?
  • Will I be teaching my lesson to students or adults?
  • (If you are teaching to students) how many students will be present and what age range?
  • Clarify the lesson that they want prepared (topic, specific resources, etc.)

Teacher Interview Demo Class

Let’s say they are having you teach your demo lesson for your teaching interview in front of actual students. That’s great! Then you will be able to really dig into showing off your teacher personality. Remember: the goal of this lesson is to see how you are as a teacher, so you want to let your teacher personality shine through whenever you can.

If you are teaching your demo lesson in front of adults, your lesson won’t be much different. Still use the teacher voice (if you use one normally), still be silly, and go with the flow.

Demo Lesson Plan

To prepare for your demo lesson, write out an outline of what you plan to teach and say in your lesson. It doesn’t have to be a full-on script, but it would be helpful to have important things you want to ensure you say written out. Then, see if you can get a friend or a family member to help you perform your lesson a few times (this helps with the nerves and to work out and hiccups that might occur.)

No friend or family nearby (been there, done that), record yourself teaching and watch it back! Not your thing? I offer mock interviews and teacher interview and job search coaching! We can run through your lesson together and polish it up so you can ROCK that teacher interview and land your dream teaching job. Schedule here!

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