2nd Year Teacher Classroom Tour

This corner of my classroom is one of my favorites! Learn more about how I use Homework Lottery in my Instagram story highlights. You can also find out more about Math About Me in my Open House post!

Welcome to my 2019-2020 classroom! This year was my second year of teaching, so I had a little bit of a better idea of how I wanted everything set up. My goal was to really focus on classroom management, flow, and comfort.

Over the Summer, I moved classrooms, even though I stayed at the same school and the same grade. I trekked all the way across the hall into a different classroom so I could have a door. (Our campus has open rooms for the most part, so a door is a hot commodity to help control the noise level.)

Let’s go on a picture tour of some of my favorite parts of my classroom. You can click on photos to get links to any of the resources I feature, and I will also add more information in the descriptions.

Currently Reading Locker Display

Outside of our classrooms, we have lockers, and each student has a #currentlyreading display taped to their locker door. Students update this throughout the year; it is a great conversation starter between students! Click here for the FREE poster.

Voice Level Posters

Here are our voice level posters! These voice level posters are a huge part of the beginning of the school year. I practice appropriate voice levels with my students, such as “whisper voice” or my personal favorite “loud, proud teacher voice.” You can find my voice level posters here!

Basketball Hoop

Talk about student engagement! I found this basketball hoop at five below. I used some velcro to hang it up on my cabinet. I also put some velcro on the ball, because otherwise, I knew it would eventually get lost.

You Can Do Hard Things Inspirational Quote

This is my FAVORITE classroom quote. I printed and cut out the letters, layered the “can do”, and glued THINGS onto black construction paper.

Classroom Passes

IKEA FRAMES TO THE RESCUE! I love using these Ikea frames for passes. Students leave them on their desks as a restroom pass, a nurse pass, a library pass, and an office pass. Once students return, they just put the classroom pass back on the shelf. You can find the fills for the passes here.

Rule and Quote Posters

My classroom theme this year was black and white with simple pops of color. Because of the fact that anchor charts bring so much color into the classroom, I try to keep my “pre school year” decorating as simple as possible. So, underneath the board, there are some posters to go along with the theme. I am OBSESSED with these amazing reminders- they are a perfect addition to the classroom. You can find them here!

Daily Slides

I am a firm believer that you can NEVER have too much Bitmoji in your life. I have an entire set of Bitmoji slides, posters, and more that I incorporate into my classroom, because…WHY NOT? It’s so fun!

Character Trait Posters

Love these character trait posters! These come in handy for SEL Lessons and Reading lessons. Click here for them.

Bulletin Board Display

Amazing work coming soon display! Yarn, thumbtacks, and clothespins create this beautiful display. Click here for the posters.

And, there you have it! Classroom tour 2019-2020 in the books. Honestly, decorating my classroom is something that I look forward to every single year. There is so much creativity that goes into each and every classroom, and I love how it becomes home for so many students and teachers every year. However you decide to decorate your classroom, there is no “right” way. Use is as a way to express yourself, give your students an outlet to express themselves, and give yourself a comfy home away from home. Be sure to check back for next years tour!