How to Get Your Classroom Ready For the Fall (in the Summer)

Are you trying to get ready to end the school year? Here are some tips and tricks you can do to help make your life so much easier in the fall! Do the work now to make your life so much easier when it is time for back to school.


Group together all of your similar decorations in big zip-log baggies. Then, you can just stick everything in your filing cabinets, and easily pull it out when we go back to school. I group together my classroom management games in one bag, magnets and board decorations in another, bulletin board decor in another, etc.


I love giving my students the opportunity to craft and create whenever possible. I also do a lot of crafting with my “fancy teacher paper” to get ready for back to school. In order to not let the scraps go to waste, I keep a scrap paper basket. Students have access to it all year long, and always love finding pieces of neon-colored paper to use. Whenever I craft for back to school, I keep the usable scraps so I can add them to the basket for the beginning of the school year.


Make your copies now! If your school is anything like mine (with only one copy machine), back to school time will be CRAZY busy with a long copy machine line. Choose your back to school forms, meet the teacher letters, and first day activities now, and get those copies ready to go. Even if you don’t use them all, you’ll thank yourself later- I promise.


Don’t be afraid to start organizing before you leave for the Summer. It is OK to throw away papers (almost everything is digital now anyway). When we get back to school, things will be hectic. I very rarely have time to complete all of the lofty goals I set for myself over the Summer which is why I have started organizing my classroom, papers, student supplies, etc. before I officially begin my “Summer.” Think filing cabinets, drawers, binders, student supplies, teacher desk, small group area, books.

Roll up any left over border with binder clips to keep it organized and ready to go for the Fall.
Put wash tape around the markers and supplies you want to keep to yourself.


Ikea frames are so incredibly versatile. I love to use mine for classroom passes and anchor charts. Summer is the perfect time to refresh your classroom. Just by updating your paper decorations, you can easily give your classroom a whole new feel. Click here for my IKEA Classroom Passes.


First-year (and second-year) teachers, this one is FOR YOU. I know that the Summer before my first year, I was itching to work on something, but I just didn’t know what I needed to do. First of all, read the book ‘First Day of School’ because it is amazing.

Second, make a very explicit list of how you want your students to do all the things. How will they ask to go to the restroom? How will they work independently? How will they sharpen their pencils? How will they keep their supplies? How do you want to get their attention? How will they organize their books? What supplies are teacher only? What parts of the room will they have access to? Etc. Etc.

I promise this is not something you want to make up on the spot. Have this idea very clear in your mind, and then teaching those procedures and expectations those first few weeks of school will be a whole lot easier on you AND your students.


TPT has a back to school sale every year. I know how tempting it can be to want to stock up over the Summer, but if you are able to wait until the back to school sale, most things will be 25 % off. You can create a wish list, save up some money, and then buy everything during that sale.

Here are some of my favorite TPT back to school resources:

If you do these simple things, you will LOVE yourself when we go back to school, and you are able to really focus on getting your classroom ready for your students and getting to know your students and curriculum. Trust me, the work is worth it!