22 Engaging Free Prize Ideas for the Classroom

Fun Prizes Don’t Have To Be Expensive

My typical issue with your average classroom management system is that kids typically work for prizes. Well, your typical prize basket costs a lot of money to fill up! They aren’t expensive individually, but it adds up over a long period of time. Plus, when it runs out, you have to refill it. It is the never-ending cycle of the prize basket.

Because it is so important to me to reward my students, I did some brainstorming, and here is a list of some of my favorite free prize ideas for the classroom.

Discovering Budget-Friendly Prize Ideas:

One common challenge I faced with traditional classroom management systems was the reliance on prizes to motivate students. While each individual prize may not seem costly, the cumulative expense can become substantial over time. It’s a never-ending cycle of refilling the prize basket. Fortunately, I’ve found a way to break this cycle without compromising on rewarding my students.

Here are some of my favorite free prize ideas for the classroom:

  • Here are some of my favorite free prize ideas for the classroom:
  • No Shoes Pass: A break from wearing shoes in the classroom.
  • No Homework Pass: A coveted pass that exempts a student from homework for a day.
  • Sit in the Teacher’s Desk for a Day: A chance for a student to experience the teacher’s perspective.
  • Use a Teacher Pen for the Day: A simple but exciting privilege for a day.
  • Student Choice Morning Activity: Empower students by letting them choose their morning activity.
  • Tech Time: 10-20 minutes of supervised tech usage.
  • Free Draw Time: A creative outlet for students.
  • Choose GoNoodle Activity: Let a student pick the GoNoodle activity for the day.
  • Seat Swap: Students can switch seats to sit by a friend either in the classroom or during lunch.
  • Line Leader: Lead the class in line for the day.
  • Skip the Line: A pass that lets a student avoid waiting in line.
  • Bring a Comfort Item: Students can bring a pillow, stuffed animal, or blanket for comfort.
  • Teacher Desk Privilege: Experience the teacher’s desk for a day.
  • Lunch with the Teacher: A special mealtime with the teacher.
  • Hat Day: A day to wear a hat in class.
  • Morning Activity Choice (Again!): Because it’s a favorite!
  • Show and Tell Pass: Share something special with the class.
  • Read to a Younger Class: An opportunity to read to a younger grade.
  • Teacher’s Helper: Assist the teacher for a day.
  • Marker Privilege: Write with a marker for the day.
  • Special Pen Day: Use a unique pen for the day.
  • Choose a Read-Aloud Book: Select a book for a class read-aloud session.

Rewarding students is essential, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. These free prize ideas offer creative ways to provide positive reinforcement in the classroom without spending a dime. Hopefully, these free prize ideas can help you to provide some awesome positive reinforcement in the classroom. Let me know what some of your favorite free prize ideas are!