A Homework Reward Game Changer

Homework Lottery © is the BEST thing that ever happened to my classroom. I was trying to think of a way that I could reward my students who always turned in their homework, while still creating a motivating opportunity for my students who struggle to complete their homework.

With Homework Lottery, students can win whether they turned in their homework once, or fifty times. (But, the more you turn in your homework, the better your opportunity is to win.)

To play Homework Lottery ©, you will first download this product from Teachers Pay Teachers or the Teach to Love Learning Shop. After you set up the board, you can laminate it and have students use Expo markers so that you only have to set up the game one time.


My students were expected to turn in their homework every Friday morning. On our Friday welcome slides, the directions would include having students leave their homework packet out on their desks. I walk around the classroom, giving students a completion check on their homework for the week. If they get the check, they know that they go put their homework in the turn-in basket so I can check it, and then they can go sign one square of Homework Lottery ©.

When our homework lottery board was filled, we play Homework Lottery. Using the cards included in the product, we would draw squares from the homework lottery board. If a student’s name was written in the square that was chosen, they won Homework Lottery © for that round. I let students win only once, and we would draw until five separate students won.

As a Homework Lottery winner, students were rewarded with a no homework pass, a special pen, something from the prize basket, a no-shoes pass, and typically one other small prize. (I wanted to make winning Homework Lottery © super special and motivating for students.)

After we played Homework Lottery, we erased our board and started again! We play Homework Lottery © all year long. It is a blast and super engaging for the students.


-If you have multiple classes, you could easily print a homework lottery board for each class that turns in homework to you.

-If your students are required to turn in their homework every day, you could still have them sign on one day a week. If they turned in their homework 3/5 days, they could sign Friday mornings.

-Friday mornings, you could use wheeldecide.com to pick a day of the week that students get to sign homework lottery. If they turned in their homework on that day, they can sign Homework Lottery © for the week.

-Students can sign Homework Lottery © every day they turn in their homework, and you can have a homework lottery more often with smaller prizes.

Overall, Homework Lottery has been a LIFESAVER for my classroom. My students are so motivated to turn in their homework, I don’t have to punish students who aren’t able to complete their homework, but instead I can focus my classroom on the positive reinforcement I love so much.

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