How to Decide Your Values Before Your Teacher Interview

How to Decide Your Values Before Your Teacher Interview


So, it is that time. You are ready to make the switch to a good fit school & teaching job, so what should you make sure you know beforehand? For starters, we need to make sure you know what your values are as a teacher, and how those would look in a good fit school.

What are school values?

Every school prioritizes different things. Not everything will be perfect, but if we can figure out exactly what is important to you as an educator, and what the school prioritizes, we can make sure as many of those things line up as possible. School values are things like: work-life balance, lesson plans, family engagement, following curriculum, teacher creativity, strong leadership, collaboration & teamwork, community, etc.

How to determine your school values

So how do you determine your school values? I want you to think of 5 non-negotiables you have. These are going to be the top 5 things you want to experience as a teacher, regardless of where you work. Those are going to be your personal school values.

What is a good fit school?

A good fit school is going to check off at least 3 of those non-negotiables you have for yourself (hopefully more!)

A list of school values

  • Work-life balance
  • Contract hours
  • Written lesson plans
  • Family engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Following the curriculum
  • Teacher creativity
  • Strong leadership
  • Silly/fun leadership
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Community
  • Plentiful resources for students and teachers
  • Focus on social justice
  • Focus on equity
  • Focus on traditional teaching
  • “We do what’s best for kids” mentality
  • Willingness to try new and innovative things
  • Technology integration