How to Optimize Your LinkedIn for Your Teacher Job Search | From Teaching to EdTech

LinkedIn is one of the first places recruiters and hiring managers are going to look for information about you once you’ve applied for a job. Here is what you can do to optimize your LinkedIn to help set yourself up for success.

Use your headline strategically

Your headline is the place at the top of your LinkedIn where you can list your current job. In this space, instead of just listing your current job, also list the titles of jobs that you’re seeking.

Fill in your experiences

When you’re filling in your experiences, use up that space. Add in bullet points that list the experiences you’ve had at each of your recent jobs, and make sure that they align to the job you’re hoping to get.

Have a clear headshot

Make sure your picture is current, clean, and professional.

Network and connect with others

Start connecting with others that you know. You can also message those in the industry you’re hoping to tap into. Connect with them (and add a note) asking to set up a time to chat- let them know you’d love to learn more about their experiences.

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