How to Set Yourself Up for the End of the School Year

The end of the school year is a time with a million things going on…and, you might not want to take the time to think about the following school year. But, save yourself so much stress at the beginning of next school year by getting ahead NOW! Here are 5 things you can do to set yourself up for success next school year.

Have Students Help with Tasks at the End of the School Year

Students often love being helpers! Getting students involved in end-of-year tasks can help them feel useful and responsible. You can have students help with cleaning up the classroom, organizing materials, or even packing up for the summer. Not only does this give you a hand, but it can also teach students valuable skills and responsibilities that they can take with them into the next school year. Here are some tasks that you can have students help with before they leave for the end of the year.

  • Check for broken supplies to throw out
  • Organize classroom library
  • Test out markers to find dead ones to throw away
  • Wipe down desks
  • Organize papers
  • Organize manipulatives
  • Clean out lockers
  • Organize your student task ideas here!

Make Some Copies for Next School Year

You might have seen that some teachers have an “Open First” box, or a spot where supplies are kept that they will need right at the beginning of next year. Consider making copies for the activities you’ll do with students for the first week of school.

Declutter Your Classroom

A cluttered classroom can be overwhelming for both teachers and students. Take some time to declutter your classroom at the end of the school year. Sort through materials and get rid of anything that’s no longer needed. Even consider testing out new ways of placing your furniture so you’re ready for next year!

Take Notes on What Worked and What Didn’t

It’s easy to forget the things you need to do if they aren’t all written down in one place. Plus, the end of the school year is jam-packed! Set yourself up for success next school year by using an end-of-the-school-year planner. With over 30 blank template pages (with suggestions), you’ll be more organized than ever when the school year starts back up. Do the prep work now so you can relax and enjoy your break. Use this end-of-the-year planner to keep you organized!

You can check out a free version here, or grab the full planner!