Morning Meeting Freebies

Click the links below (and then click download) to access your morning meeting freebies from Teach to Love Learning:

Here are some of my favorite morning meeting tips:

🌟 These slides are interactive- for example, when you do emotion check-ins, choose the one that works best for your classroom. Then, have students show you on their fingers how they are feeling, or go around the circle and ask students to share. I always let students pass if they don’t feel like sharing. Talk to students about how hearing how other people are feeling can impact how we might want to treat them. If someone had a rough morning, we might want to send extra care and compassion their way. If someone is extra excited, we might want to celebrate them!

🌟 Create a routine out of morning meeting

🌟 Focus on character development, building classroom community, and social-emotional learning

🌟 Plan using a slides template

🌟 Read more here.

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