One Word Activity For Your Students: An Alternative to Resolutions

If you’re looking for a new activity for your students to kick off the new year, I’ve got just the thing! It’s a focus word activity that’s super easy to set up and perfect for your early elementary school students.

To get started, have a class discussion about the previous year and what your students learned or experienced. This helps them reflect on what they want to improve or focus on in the coming year. Then, brainstorm a list of words that represent what they are hoping to accomplish and focus on for the upcoming school year.

Next, have each student pick one word from the list that resonates with them the most. They can write it on a piece of paper and create a visual representation of it. This can be anything from a drawing to a collage or a symbol.

Throughout the year, their focus word will serve as their guide. It will provide clarity and direction, helping them prioritize their goals and stay focused on what’s important to them. It will also serve as a source of motivation, reminding them of their intentions and encouraging them to keep working towards their goals.

The best part is that this activity helps cultivate a positive mindset among your students. Their focus word serves as a daily reminder to stay optimistic and believe in themselves. By choosing their focus word, your students are essentially setting a goal for themselves, which helps them develop goal-setting skills and learn how to break down larger goals into smaller, more manageable steps.

So why not give this focus word activity a try with your students? It’s a fun and creative way to help them set meaningful intentions for the year ahead. Grab everything you’ll need here (or inside the Teach to Love Learning Membership.)