What Should I Include In My Teaching Portfolio?

What Should I Include In My Teaching Portfolio?

Looking for some ideas of things to include in your teaching portfolio, here are some ideas to get you started! Remember- a teaching portfolio is a chance for you to be creative, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box!


A copy of your updated resume is a great thing to include in your teaching portfolio.

Teaching Philosophy

Somewhere in your teaching portfolio, include a copy of your teaching philosophy.


You can also include photos of (or typed copies of) different observations you’ve had from admin, cooperating teachers, etc.

Letters of Recommendation

Have any students, family members, or co-workers written you notes or letters of recommendation? Include those in your portfolio!

Sample Lesson Plans

A few sample lesson plans can really show off your organization and teaching style! These would be a great thing to include in your teaching portfolio.

Pictures of Classroom Spaces

Take lots of pictures and add those in there too! Nothing beats a good visual.

Pictures of You in Action

If you happen to have any photos of you teaching, organizing, or working with kids, definitely add those into your portfolio as well. (Just make sure you aren’t breaching any privacy laws by showing student’s faces).

Sample Communication With Families

How would you respond to family members if they were asking for support on certain things? What will your newsletters look like? You guessed it- add that too!

Introduction Video

If you are creating an online teaching portfolio, it is also a great idea to add some sort of introduction video! (If your portfolio is printed, you can always add a QR code to your introduction video instead.)

Looking for teaching portfolio templates? I’ve got you covered there!

Here is the black, white, and colorful template. Here is the watercolor template. – and Here is the boho template. Hoping to see another template theme added? E-mail me at jessica@teachtolovelearning.com.